Relocating to Northern NSW

Hey shred lords! A bit of bad and good news… Firstly, boards will be on hold until further notice as Vader is in the process of relocating to Northern NSW. I know this is not optimal, but don’t cry because there’s new shapes and concepts in the pipeline and I’ll also be offering free delivery in the Gold Coast and Byron Bay region in the future! This will be a good move as it will enable me to expand and create some epic shapes for you to ride… So stay patient and continue to surf the void 🤘☯️ YEW


Blah Blah BLAH

Blah Blah BLAH "The V-Whip"
BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! This one is dedicated to all the haters, go call 1800-chow-a-van-chode and ram it! 🖕 #dontaskthecompetition #useyourbrainzkidzzz #thevwhip #doublecutswallowtail #vaderboardsrip

Keed Blur

Keed Blur "The Vortex"

Keed Blur – “The Vortex”. Photo: Joey Griffiths

Mackie busting on The Vortex

Mackie "The Vortex"
Mackie busting on The Vortex, YEW! 🤘⚡ PS. If you didn’t hear, boards are now available with new shapes, new materials and FCSII upgrades! Madness 😁🌈

Open Your V-Whip!

Open Your V-Whip
Had an arts and crafts day on The V-Whip – 5’5 x 19 7/8 x 2 1/4 🌈

Down south roadies

Wilbs and Rhys

Down south roady with the best! Von Shredder ✔️ mean machine ✔️ mad dogs ✔️ frothzone 💯 🦄

South coast pipes!

Lee - The Void
Lee Rat setting up for a south coast pipe on The Vision. 🌈

Fresh sleds in stock (just in time for xmas)!!!

Mackie riding "The Vaccine"
All boards are now back in stock! There’s two days left before Xmas so for all last minute orders I will be sending the last ones out tomorrow (Friday 23rd Dec), otherwise pickup is available any time before Xmas or even Xmas day.


New Knives 2016

New Knives 2016Cheers for the new raxxx Boardrax, so rad 👌

New Shapes & New Materials 2016!

New Knives 2016

ATTENTION VADER PUNKS! VADER IS NOT DEAD!!! As you are all probably aware I have had some pretty solid time out over the last year which basically meant no boards @#$% heavy days. WELL THERE IS GOOD NEWS, the dark crafts are back in stock with some pretty sweet new additions to the lineup including a rad new little shape called the Vincent Van Chode Single Fin! Also giving some new premium materials a run, Bennett blanks (AU), HEXCEL glass (USA) and Dion Chemicals resin (AU) as well as a complete change over to FCSII systems and fins (included with every board), hence the slight price increase to $485 (worth it 👍)… Pretty frothy!! 😁🌈🤘