Mackie busting on The Vortex

Mackie "The Vortex"
Mackie busting on The Vortex, YEW! 🤘⚡ PS. If you didn’t hear, boards are now available with new shapes, new materials and FCSII upgrades! Madness 😁🌈

Tyson and The Vaccine kegged in Bondi

There’s been some waves in Bondi lately, here’s Tyson Millar getting kegged on The Vaccine, yeeewww!! Epic 📷 via Aquabumps

Vortex Sessions: Mackie vs Bondi

Mackie took his Vortex for a sloppy Bondi bash yesterday, he reckons it’s working for him and I agree, yew!

Shot by Ben Mauther
Edit by Mackie
Track: French Films Long – Lost Children