Keed Blur

Keed Blur "The Vortex"

Keed Blur – “The Vortex”. Photo: Joey Griffiths

Mackie busting on The Vortex

Mackie "The Vortex"
Mackie busting on The Vortex, YEW! 🤘⚡ PS. If you didn’t hear, boards are now available with new shapes, new materials and FCSII upgrades! Madness 😁🌈

Keed + The Vortex

Keed Williams hooking his Vortex into a fun Sunshine Coast beachie, yew!!

Keed Barrel

Threading the Vortex

Andy Franks threading the Vortex @ Padang Padang a few weeks back. Super fun times!

The Vortex Life

Messing around with some life shots to get some different angles on the 5’7 Vortex. Cheers for the shots Maclay Heriot, you are a wizard.

Photos: Maclay Heriot @