NEW: Vincent Van Chode Single Fin

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VINCENT VAN CHODE is a super short, stubby, modern/retro single fin convertible as the name suggests. Vincent had one ear, well he cut one off because of frustration and this is a salute to the legend he was. Full wide nose, low entry rocker, deep single concave to vee, rounded pin tail, low, drivey tail rocker. This board is meant to be ridden short for maximum skateyness in small waves, can be driven off the back foot or trim & glide off the front foot like a style lord. It rides well in a variety of conditions, but really suited for knee to head high surf with the ability of getting into bigger stuff using different fin options and the benefit of a rounded pin to lock into barrels. Can be ridden in a variety of sizes from a short little stub, up to a fuller mid range for more paddle power and stability in bigger surf. Ride 5 to 7 inches shorter than your regular performance board. Primarily a Single Fin but can also be ridden as a thruster (w/ small box fin), quad, twinnie or bonzer/twinzer.

† Includes 7″ Fiberglass Single Fin (Black) + set of FCSII Performer Quads (Black Glassflex).

†† Available Colours: Khaki Green/Black OR Light Grey/Black.


+ 100% Premium Materials – Bennett Blanks (AU) / Hexcel Glass (USA) / Dion Chemicals Resin (AU).
High performance stock glass job: 2 X full layers of 4 oz. glass on deck & 1 X full layer of 4 oz. glass on bottom.
+ Primarily a single fin but can also be ridden as a thruster (with small box fin), quad, twinnie, bonzer or twinzer.
+ Single concave starts in the nose allowing for speed on takeoffs blending into a vee double out the tail which gives the board great speed and control from rail to rail.
+ Rounded pin tail for nice smooth style turns and for hold in bigger, suckier waves.
+ Extremely flat rocker for maximum speed.
+ Ride 5 to 7 inches shorter than your regular performance board.
+ Performs best in waves between 1 and 4 foot.


HEIGHT: 5’4″ | WIDTH: 19″ | THICKNESS: 2 1/8″ | VOLUME: 26.1L
HEIGHT: 5’6″ | WIDTH: 19 1/4″ | THICKNESS: 2 1/4″ | VOLUME: 28.5L
HEIGHT: 5’8″ | WIDTH: 19 3/4″ | THICKNESS: 2 3/8″ | VOLUME: 31.45L
HEIGHT: 5’10″ | WIDTH: 20″ | THICKNESS: 2 1/2″ | VOLUME: 34.1L
HEIGHT: 6’0″ | WIDTH: 20 1/4″ | THICKNESS: 2 5/8″ | VOLUME: 36.92L


If you aren’t completely sure of what size board is right for you, check out the board volume calculator HERE or contact and we can talk shapes and dimensions.

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